Warning, this game is nsfw 18+ only.
It features male gay characters and fetishes such as:
Muscle Growth, Macro, Hyper, Goo, Transformation, Corruption

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.3

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.2

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.1

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.0

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.3

Release Notes:

  • Features:

  • The Stamina stat and its uses have been completely reworked.

  • -You have full stamina at the start of every turn.

  • -You can spend stamina to draw additional attack cards for the turn, this replaces the redraw action. The cost increases the more you do it.

  • -You can spend stamina to add additional action slots to your combo. The cost increases the more you do it.

  • -Offensive moves have been balanced to cost more action slots, while passive moves cost less.

  • -The "Stamina Recovery" stat has been removed.

  • -All abilities giving "Stamina Recovery" have been reworked.

  • "Unique Attacks" (Stomp, Ensnaring Goo, etc) have been reworked to be usable once per turn in any part of your combo (with the * combo value).

  • -Their cost have been increased to compensate.

  • -They are still affected by cooldowns.

  • Attacks now have a damage multiplier on top of their base damage.

  • -This makes expensive attacks scale better in the mid-late game.

  • Added "First Strike" attack that's unlocked upon reaching level 4 (Must be used as the first move of a combo.)

  • Added "Enraged Pummel" attack that's unlocked upon reaching level 7 (Can only be comboed after 2 or more moves.)

  • "Summon Parasite" is now a comboable move instead of a unique one.

  • All four size stats (Height, Muscles, Cock, Balls) are now capped.

  • -These caps can be increased in the "Modify Metabolism" menu that's unlocked upon acquiring Echo.

  • -Spending a Limit Break on a size stat increases its limit.

  • -Limit Breaks are acquired every other level.

  • -Limit Breaks can be redistributed at any point.

  • -Up to 50 limit breaks can be applied to each stat.

  • Added six global size tier abilities for muscles, cock and balls size.

  • -Any character can acquire them once reaching a certain threshold for those stats.

  • -Height and muscle tiers grant strength.

  • -Cock and balls tiers grant stamina.

  • Passage links are now set under the main window.

  • -Passage links can now be activated using number hotkeys.

  • UI has be reworked to handle different resolutions better.

  • The ability window has been reworked. (Huge thanks to https://twitter.com/the_musclemage for this!)

  • Balance:

  • Tweaked values for muscle descriptors

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fixed an issue where telling the right name to the minotaur guard wouldn't work in NewGame+.

  • Fixed a passage where The Bind wouldn't apply growth that was mentioned in the writing.

  • Fixed stat window taking the whole screen on some mobile browsers.

  • Fixed bottom of UI being hidden on some mobile browsers.

  • This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.2 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.2

Release Notes:

  • Features:

  • Added doppelganger encounter in the Nyx dungeon. (Thanks to https://twitter.com/RainTheDriger for helping with the writing on this one)

  • -Meet an alternate version of yourself, who uses your stats, moves and abilities against you.

  • -This encounter has completely different writing based on whether your character is corrupted or not.

  • -His voice is always the one that the player didn't pick in character creation.

  • -Defeating the corrupted version grants the "Disciplined" ability

  • -Defeating the pure version grants the "Defiler" ability

  • Added "Shifting Ideals" achievement (Encounter both sides of the doppelganger.)

  • Added "Explorer of Corrupted Depths" achievement (Complete every room of Nyx's castle.)

  • Tweaked "Incomplete Memories" ending

  • Defeating Apothus's second form now leads to the "Incomplete Memories" ending.

  • Added first pass toward Steam Deck compatibility

  • -The is fully playable but I still have to work on making the combat control better on Deck.

  • Autosave is now applied in the Nyx castle main hall.

  • Your progress towards powering the monolith is now also shown from the manor's hub.

  • The minotaur will now have his lust increased with every room of the west wing that you clear.

  • Art:

  • Apothus art has been reworked (by https://twitter.com/Wintech3112)

  • -It features 6 emotes and 3 bodies.

  • Sounds:

  • New battle theme for harder encounters (by https://twitter.com/notardolf)

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fixed display issues when many abilities are activated by the same trigger.

  • Fixed cock and muscle growth descriptions sometimes not displaying.

  • Fixed Drenth showing up in the castle even after finishing his quest line.

  • Fixed a never-ending audio cue in one of the minotaur dialogues.

  • This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.1 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.1

Release Notes:

  • Release Notes 0.7.1:

  • Features:

  • Reworked exploration of the Nyx dungeon.

  • -You can now explore randomly picked rooms that will lead back to the main hall.

  • -Clearing a room will build progress to unlock the path to Apothus's realm.

  • -You currently must clear 3 rooms to unlock it.

  • Drenth's room and the Nyx Spawn encounter have been reworked into rooms to explore with that system.

  • Added the Nyx spawn pit room.

  • Added the Gym room.

  • Dying in the nyx dungeon now brings you back to the main hall instead of the Golden Bastion.

  • The minotaur guard now joins your party after saying the right name to him.

  • Added "Nyx Induced Workout" ability

  • Reworked the "Restart" button into a "New Game +" button that allows you to restart the game with your acquired achievement abilities as if you reached an ending.

  • Sounds:

  • All four rooms of the Nyx dungeon have voice acting for their NSFW scenes.

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fixed an issue where player info would get corrupted upon triggering a New Game +

  • Fixed cycles counter not increasing on New Game +

  • This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.0 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.0

Release Notes:

  • Features:

  • Reworked the path to the Nyx dungeon and the minotaur encounter.

  • -Features text input from the player that determines how the encounter goes. (with fun easter eggs.)

  • -The minotaur now leads you to the dungeon and stays in the main hall.

  • -While there, his lust gradually increases as you explore or spend days outside the dungeon.

  • -Added new ending where you share the power of the black sun with the minotaur. (With writing by Dragonien! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/dragonien/)

  • Reworked Abilities UI to now filter them into 4 categories.

  • -Powers (Abilities acquired on level up)

  • -Alterations (Abilities given by story characters and events)

  • -Status Effects (Abilities given by fight moves, usually end when the fight is over)

  • -Global Effects (global abilities that are acquired by any character meeting their conditions. size diff, effects from visible stars, etc)

  • Added notification system for newly acquired abilities

  • Added "Promise of Servitude" Ability

  • Added "Safe Passage" Achievement (Skip the minotaur fight by telling him the right name.)

  • Added "Memories of the Minotaur" Achievement (Bring the power of Nyx to the minotaur.)

  • Art:

  • Added minotaur art (by Zhenelov https://twitter.com/Zhenelov)

  • Sounds:

  • Added Torgar Voice Acting (by GiganticBeast https://twitter.com/Gigantic_Beast)

  • Audio audio settings to adjust music, sfx and voices individually

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fixed an issue where player would be locked by an error when uttering Kanathar's name