Warning, this game is nsfw 18+ only.
It features male gay characters and fetishes such as:
Muscle Growth, Macro, Hyper, Goo, Transformation, Corruption

Dawn of Corruption 0.5.1

Dawn of Corruption 0.5.0

Dawn of Corruption 0.4.9

Dawn of Corruption 0.5.1

Release Notes:

  • Features:

  • After the imp joins you in your adventures, you can go meet with him from the village menu.

  • Added Inspect teammate option in combat.

  • Added option to change when your teammate attack in the turn.

  • Added option to spar with the imp after he joins you.

  • Added new passage for exploring the northern barrens when over 50ft tall.

  • Added new passage for exploring the easter barrens when over 200ft tall.

  • Added new encounter intro passage for when the imp grows absolutely massive.

  • Added option to grow the imp and increase his stats after he joins you, with branching depending on how big the imp is and the difference between his size and yours.

  • Moved "Change Fight Moveset" to the Golden Bastion main menu instead of your home.

  • Balance:

  • Deadly Aim now grants 7% crit chance for no stamina cost. (from 20% crit chance for 5% stamina cost)

  • Art:

  • Added alternate art (by Voidlesky!) for the imp's emote when he reaches over 100 corruption.

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fixed broken passage transitions in Jorm dialogue.

  • Fixed broken passage in slime encounter

  • Fixed an issue where "Strength of the Sixth Verse" could give negative strength.

  • This version is compatible with saves from 0.5.0!

Dawn of Corruption 0.5.0

Release Notes:

  • Features:

  • The imp will now join you in combat after making him pledge allegiance to you.

  • Added 6 height tiers as global ability for all characters.

  • Leveling up stats now applies different values per stat:

  • -hp: 6

  • -stamina: 4

  • -strength: 3

  • -arousalGain: 2

  • -staminaRecovery: 1

  • Added art (by Voidlesky!) for imp with 3 body size, 6 cock size, 3 expressions and cum variants for all of them.

  • Added art display with appropriate emote for every branch of the imp's encounter.

  • Added PridefulAscent fight move for the imp that makes him grow in combat.

  • This version is compatible with saves from 0.4.9!

Dawn of Corruption 0.4.9

Release Notes:

  • Features:

  • Complete rework of the imp encounter:

  • It now evolves based on how much you've been fighting him.

  • It branches off into specific paths after you act submissive/dominant enough with him.

  • The imp grows slightly stronger every time you encounter him.

  • Added "Servant of Kanathar" ability (The essence of demon Kanathar flows within you.)

  • Added "Momentum" ability (Gain 7% more Crit Damage for every damaging attack in your combo.)[Upgradable]

  • Added "Incorruptible" ability (While your Corruption is below 25, you gain 10% critical chance, 10 strength.)[Upgradable]

  • Balancing:

  • Changed valiant rush to boost amount of combo moves per turn instead of action slots.

  • Added stamina cost (4) to Focus fight move.

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fixed display issues with floating points on stats

  • Fixed display issue in the description of 'Overwhelming Corruption'

  • Fixed dialogue pathing issues for some Abel sections

  • This version is compatible with saves from 0.4.8!