Warning, this game is nsfw 18+ only.
It features male gay characters and fetishes such as:
Muscle Growth, Macro, Hyper, Goo, Transformation, Corruption

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.6

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.5

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.4

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.3

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.2

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.6

Release Notes:

  • Features:

  • Shortened slightly to let plot devices be a part of systemic quest flow instead.

  • Player now becomes an explorer instead of a scavenger after the intro.

  • The Meteor falling in the Barrens is now a systemic event triggered after exploring for a few days.

  • Added quest to cross a corrupted lake in order to investigate the meteor.

  • -There are many different ways to succeed this task, either through growth or wit.

  • Added Lukka as a NPC in the Bastion. He is an alchemist who is studying Corruption.

  • Added quest given by Lukka to find Demonic Essence for him to study its relationship to Corruption.

  • -Leads to being tasked to gather Essence from any Demon encounter. (Imp or Ethrex)

  • Added win variants for the Imp and Ethrex that refer to Lukka's questline.

  • Added "Lukka's Essence Reservoir" Ability.

  • Added "Demonic Essence Shard" Ability.

  • You no longer need Echo to modify your metabolism.

  • Display improvements for mobile (portrait and landscape mode)

  • Display now adapts to device orientation changes.

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fixed broken passages in The Bind's encounter.

  • Fixed bad passage transition in Doppleganger encounter.

  • Fixed an issue where using the passage choice hotkey would break Tiadane's riddle.

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't share their knowledge of Nyx to Kanathar.

  • This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.5 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.

Release Notes:

  • Features:

  • Reworked incubus encounter completely.

  • -He now called Erthex, the incubus.

  • -Features unique passages before and after each stages of your demonic transformation.

  • -He can now join your party after you defeat him as a Lord of Lust.

  • -Defeating him after he joined you grants the "Lust Incarnate" ability.

  • Added the option to have the choices be either inside the main window or at the bottom of it.

  • Added missing variant for hyper sized cocks in the glory hole room of the castle.

  • Adjust character portraits so that they float to the side to allow text to flow around them. (Thanks MuscleMage!)

  • Art:

  • Added art showcasing The Bind as a ring before his encounter (Thanks Deriaz!)

  • Added wip character art for The Bind (Thanks Winty!)

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fixed an issue loading a saved game after rebooting the game.

  • Fixed broken choice window in Firefox. (Thanks MuscleMage!)

  • Fixed broken narrative events in some of Abel's dialogues.

  • Fixed an issue with cancelling limit breaks after removing points from stats.

  • Fixed display bug in the description of Last Stand.

  • Fixed a display issue with one of Apothus 2nd form's attack.

  • Balance:

  • Tripled the amount of Limit Breaks gained by leveling up.

  • This version is NOT compatible with saves from but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.4

Release Notes:

  • Features:

  • Glory Hole room has been added to the Nyx dungeon.

  • -Features 3 variants for cock sizes.

  • -Features unique variant for players infested with Nyx Spawns.

  • -The outcome of this room affects a character in another room of the dungeon.

  • Added Overgrowth feature to growth caps.

  • -When trying to grow beyond your current limit, part of that growth will now be converted into Essence.

  • -You can consume the accumulated Essence in the "Modify Metabolism" menu.

  • Vastly improved performance and time to load passages (about 2.5 times faster on most devices)

  • Completely new modern UI has been added to the backgrounds, stats window, choices window and passage links.

  • Balance:

  • Rebalanced all enemy encounters

  • Nerfed "First Strike" damage multiplier (from 2.5x to 1.9x)

  • Nerfed "Enraged Pummel" damage multiplier (from 2x to 1.6x)

  • This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.3 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.

  • Tons of optimizations were made on handling save data for this version, this means that some saves might be impossible to upgrade. My apologies!

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.3

Release Notes:

  • Features:

  • The Stamina stat and its uses have been completely reworked.

  • -You have full stamina at the start of every turn.

  • -You can spend stamina to draw additional attack cards for the turn, this replaces the redraw action. The cost increases the more you do it.

  • -You can spend stamina to add additional action slots to your combo. The cost increases the more you do it.

  • -Offensive moves have been balanced to cost more action slots, while passive moves cost less.

  • -The "Stamina Recovery" stat has been removed.

  • -All abilities giving "Stamina Recovery" have been reworked.

  • "Unique Attacks" (Stomp, Ensnaring Goo, etc) have been reworked to be usable once per turn in any part of your combo (with the * combo value).

  • -Their cost have been increased to compensate.

  • -They are still affected by cooldowns.

  • Attacks now have a damage multiplier on top of their base damage.

  • -This makes expensive attacks scale better in the mid-late game.

  • Added "First Strike" attack that's unlocked upon reaching level 4 (Must be used as the first move of a combo.)

  • Added "Enraged Pummel" attack that's unlocked upon reaching level 7 (Can only be comboed after 2 or more moves.)

  • "Summon Parasite" is now a comboable move instead of a unique one.

  • All four size stats (Height, Muscles, Cock, Balls) are now capped.

  • -These caps can be increased in the "Modify Metabolism" menu that's unlocked upon acquiring Echo.

  • -Spending a Limit Break on a size stat increases its limit.

  • -Limit Breaks are acquired every other level.

  • -Limit Breaks can be redistributed at any point.

  • -Up to 50 limit breaks can be applied to each stat.

  • Added six global size tier abilities for muscles, cock and balls size.

  • -Any character can acquire them once reaching a certain threshold for those stats.

  • -Height and muscle tiers grant strength.

  • -Cock and balls tiers grant stamina.

  • Passage links are now set under the main window.

  • -Passage links can now be activated using number hotkeys.

  • UI has be reworked to handle different resolutions better.

  • The ability window has been reworked. (Huge thanks to https://twitter.com/the_musclemage for this!)

  • Balance:

  • Tweaked values for muscle descriptors

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fixed an issue where telling the right name to the minotaur guard wouldn't work in NewGame+.

  • Fixed a passage where The Bind wouldn't apply growth that was mentioned in the writing.

  • Fixed stat window taking the whole screen on some mobile browsers.

  • Fixed bottom of UI being hidden on some mobile browsers.

  • This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.2 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!

Dawn of Corruption 0.7.2

Release Notes:

  • Features:

  • Added doppelganger encounter in the Nyx dungeon. (Thanks to https://twitter.com/RainTheDriger for helping with the writing on this one)

  • -Meet an alternate version of yourself, who uses your stats, moves and abilities against you.

  • -This encounter has completely different writing based on whether your character is corrupted or not.

  • -His voice is always the one that the player didn't pick in character creation.

  • -Defeating the corrupted version grants the "Disciplined" ability

  • -Defeating the pure version grants the "Defiler" ability

  • Added "Shifting Ideals" achievement (Encounter both sides of the doppelganger.)

  • Added "Explorer of Corrupted Depths" achievement (Complete every room of Nyx's castle.)

  • Tweaked "Incomplete Memories" ending

  • Defeating Apothus's second form now leads to the "Incomplete Memories" ending.

  • Added first pass toward Steam Deck compatibility

  • -The is fully playable but I still have to work on making the combat control better on Deck.

  • Autosave is now applied in the Nyx castle main hall.

  • Your progress towards powering the monolith is now also shown from the manor's hub.

  • The minotaur will now have his lust increased with every room of the west wing that you clear.

  • Art:

  • Apothus art has been reworked (by https://twitter.com/Wintech3112)

  • -It features 6 emotes and 3 bodies.

  • Sounds:

  • New battle theme for harder encounters (by https://twitter.com/notardolf)

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fixed display issues when many abilities are activated by the same trigger.

  • Fixed cock and muscle growth descriptions sometimes not displaying.

  • Fixed Drenth showing up in the castle even after finishing his quest line.

  • Fixed a never-ending audio cue in one of the minotaur dialogues.

  • This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.1 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!